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Nowadays, everyone can build a website using WordPress, Weebly or other website building tools, but it is hard to find a great website with simple and clean design. Great design is crucial for any type of website in order to engage visitors and please potential customer’s eye. The great color combination of your web presence affects design greatly by drawing attention to special details and accents of your site.

You should choose the color scheme based on your company colors, products or services. Colors not only give the beauty to website, but also speak to your customers. For example, red color often use for action, fire, “do it now”, green and blue is more give the clients feeling of earth, calm and safe.

When you choose colors typology, you should consider different shades of each color and how they will look together. Don’t forget to use white space, which can be critical for design and beautiful outlook as well.

In order to help with color themes, Coolors helps generate different combinations of color palette that compliments each other and look very clean and professional. It is very important to find right colors scheme for a website. Some modern designs use only 3 colors for main design and one or two colors. This minimalist approach help get small details more visual and draw attention to specific contents of website.

Great 15 stunning color combinations for web presence.

1. Warm color scheme

2. Warm dark tones with purple accent

3. Color scheme from black to gray

4. From light to dark color scheme

5. Dark red to baby blue color scheme

6. Purple color scheme

7. Warm colors with low condense

8. Dark with bright accent

9. Blue shades are main colors scheme

10. Yellow accent with dark colors scheme

11. Dark colors with light blue accent

12. From light to dark color scheme

13. Blue and Red are together

14. Brown shades with blue color scheme

15. Light colors on dark background

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